Devices + Cloud Using Windows Azure with WP7, iOS, Android

Here is a talk I recently gave at TechDays Belgium

So, you’re building apps that span multiple devices apps and you’re curious about what the cloud can offer. Is it possible to deploy scalable Web apps and services on Windows Azure? How about storing data in the cloud? Is it possible to use the cloud for push notifications to the device? In this session, you’ll learn how to build tablet, Windows Phone, Android and even iOS apps that are backed by scalable cloud services with the Windows Azure platform. This demo-focused session will cover the end-to-end experience and address how to tackle issues such as authentication, storage and notifications across a wide range of devices.

or you can watch it directly here on channel 9


WP7 Nights at the Round Table – Feb 28

Hi there Windows Phone 7 Developers in Sydney Australia,

Time to get out from infront of the computer and into the bar to talk about windows phone 7 dev and Azure :)

WP7 Nights at the Round Table – Feb 28th Sydney

Let’s get together for some drinks to trade WP7 Dev stories, demos or seek free advice from other devs to help get your app off the ground and into Marketplace. This event will be informal, around bar tables, so bring along your device or laptop if you wish to show people what you have been up to.

Let us know your coming:

If your on LinkedIn please indicate your attendance here – Windows Phone 7 Developer Dev Drinks Feb 28th or in the comments section below.

Date, Time, Location:

Tues 28th Feb 2010
City Hotel,
Corner of King and Kent St, Sydney CBD.

Hope to see you there,

Nick Harris :)