How to Pin your application in Windows Phone 7 emulator April CTP refresh

The Windows Phone 7 emulator provides Pin capability within the April CTP refresh. To pin your application perform the following:

  1. Right click on you WP7 app project and select properties.
  2. Set the Title under deployment options to your title name “PinMyApp”
  3. Set the Title under Tile options to “Pin My App” – this is the actual text shown over the tile
  4. Set the background image on the Tile using the dropdown.
  5. Deploy your application
  6. When on the Start screen Press to view your applications
  7. Hold down on your application “PinMyApp” until a context menu appears then select “pin to start”

  9. Observe your application is now pinned

Its important to note that you can use Push notifications to change the text, count and image on your applications tile. This can be achieved by setting up a notification channel using HttpNotificationChannel and binding to the shell entry point BindToShellEntryPoint(); Once you have registered a uri will be returned and you can then send tile notifications using a WebRequest. I am currently working on a blog post for this one, so stay tuned