Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 Version 1.1.0 CTP Released

Today we released version 1.1.0 (CTP)of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8. This release includes the following changes to the Windows Azure toolkit for Windows 8:

  • Dependency Checker updated to reference latest releases.
  • MVC Website code cleanup and improvements to send notifications dialog
  • WNS Recipe Updated WNS Recipe to add Audio support.
  • NuGets project template refactored to make use of NuGets which people can also use directly in their existing apps.
  • notification.js created for client apps to easily communicate the Registration Service i.e WindowsAzure.Notifications NuGet.
  • Samples The samples are currently undergoing churn and will be updated in the coming drop. Added Margie’s Travel CTP as a Sample application

As a brief preview to the CTP toolkit check out this 3 minute video to see how you can get a jump start using Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 to send Push Notifications with Windows Azure and the Windows Push Notification Service (WNS). This demonstration uses the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 that includes full end to end scenario for Tile and Badge notifications with Toast notifications only a drop down away :)

Note: This release is a ‘CTP’ release as it has not yet gone through our full QA process. We have released this as a CTP as it updates a number of key issues that users were facing with dependency checks and the file new project experience. We will be releasing a final version of the 1.1.x branch in the coming days once it has undergone the full QA tests and also has refreshed documentation. Until this updated drop is made the CTP is the recommended download for users to proceed with.