Windows Phone 7 Manufacturer Market Share Stats

The following is a summary of the market share of Windows Phone 7 devices.  The sample is from those devices running applications using the user control.

Device split by manufacturer:

AdGAC Windows Phone 7 Manufacturer Market Share Stats. HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell, Asus

AdGAC Windows Phone 7 Manufacturer Market Share Stats

Device split by model:

AdGAC Windows Phone7 Device Model Market Stats

If you would like to increase your market share through advertising, particularly if you are one of the brands above, please contact



Windows Azure Platform Benefits for MSDN Subscribers

I previously posted about how to sign up for a free trial of Azure using your BizSpark account you will be happy to know that announced at MIX11 the offer just got a whole lot better for existing subscribers although I am unsure how or if it applies to new subscribers – If anyone can clarify please do so in the comments.

I have snipped the following excerpt from the following link Windows Azure Platform Benefits for MSDN Subscribers so please visit the original for full details and instructions

Current offer* Updated Offer after April 12, 2011
Services Ultimate, Premium & BizSpark* Ultimate
Premium Professional
Compute 750 hrs Small compute instance 1,500 hrs Small compute instance 1,500 hrs Extra Small compute instance 750 hrs Extra Small compute instance
Storage 10 GB 30GB 25 GB 20 GB
Storage Trans 2,000K 2,000K 1,000K 250K
SQL Azure 5 GB
(Web edition)
5 GB
(Web edition)
1 GB
(Web edition)
1 GB
(Web edition)
Access Control Transactions 1,000K 500K 200K 100K
Service Bus Connections 5 (1 pack of 5) 5 (1 pack of 5) 5 (1 pack of 5) 2 connections
Data transfer
14 GB (NA/Europe) /
5 GB (Asia)
35 GB (WW) 30 GB (WW) 25 GB (WW)
Data transfer
7 GB (NA/Europe) /
5 GB (Asia)
35 GB (WW) 30 GB (WW) 25 GB (WW)

* Current Windows Azure platform subscribers of the MSDN premium offer will be automatically upgraded to the MSDN Ultimate offer. For all usage that exceeds the free allocation above, customers will be charged at standard rates. To avoid charges customers should closely monitor their usage.

See this for some more major Windows Azure Announcements made at MIX11



Windows Phone 7 Social Viewer Application Template Released

Hi Guys,

The Social Viewer application template enables you to create mashups from Twitter, Facebook, RSS and Atom feeds with all the plumbing for security, sharing, offline, Trial mode and advertising support built in.

I have tried it out and the Social Viewer template really rocks its makes it extreemly fast and simple to create a mashup WP7 app.  Nick Randolph (Built To Roam) has really done an awesome job on this template.

You can get the full details, and template from Dave Glover in this blog posting. Also note he has mentioned a limited number of Tokens available to Australian devs for free WP7 marketplace registration – quite generous and a surefire way to kickstart your WP7 dev.

If you would like to see an app built with the Social Viewer template try out the Perez Hilton Reader

Kind Regards,

Nick Harris

We Love Windows Phone community video rocks

Announced at Mix11 at the start of the the Day 2 Keynote: Windows Phone fan Brandon Foy inspired our community and inspired Microsoft with his “We Love Windows Phone” video. We want to thank him by jump starting his resume. If just 200k people view his new video, we’ll air it in a national ad spot!

Now thats how funky the ads should be :), lets get him up to 200k


How to Sign Up for an account to Access SQL Azure for FREE

Sign Up for an account to Access  SQL Azure for FREE
There are two ways you can try SQL Azure FREE of charge:

  1. Sign up for this limited-time promotion, and you’ll get TWO 1GB Web Edition databases for one month. No credit card information is required. To get started, insert promo code SQLAZURE25 Note: at the time of writing this includes
    • Windows Azure
      • 3 Small Compute Instances
      • 3 GB of Storage
      • 250,000 Storage Transactions
    • SQL Azure
      • Two 1 GB Web Edition Database
    • AppFabric
      • 100,000 Access Control Transactions
      • 2 Bus Service Connections
    • Data Transfers
      • 3 GB In
      • 3 GB Out
  2. Get a 1GB Web Edition database for no charge for 3 months. This account requires a credit card, as any additional usage above 1GB will be billed at standard rates. After the Free Trial period, you can switch to a paid account without losing your data

For details please on the FREE access pelase see and visit for additional resources.  And if your not already watching Cloud Cover then you should be :)

WP7 Nights at the Round Table Slide Deck March 31st

Hi there,

For those of you that were asking for the links here is the slide deck Meeting_WP7_Nights_at_the_Round_Table_Mar2011, that was presented on my phone :)

All in all a great night and we seen several cool new WP7  apps.

The app of the night was Mix11. Check it out here on Zune its free and will surely come in handy this month if your heading to Mix11 @ LA.  Description of Mix11 app follows:

Attending the Microsoft MIX11 conference in Las Vegas, April 2011? You need the complete shcedule on your Windows Phone 7 for quick and easy offline reference. Includes session information, speaker bios, a map and news feed. Favorite the sessions you plan on attending so you don’t accidentally miss one!

NOTE: the final schedule will not be announced until much closer to the date in April – the app will update over wifi or 3G. Until then, browse the schedules from previous conferences and watch the recorded sessions.

For those of you who dont have PowerPoint here is the March Rollup:

  1. Azure
  2. Windows Phone 7