Free Event The SAUG OO Basics and SOLID Design principles

Grace Hotel , Kiralee or Pinaroo Function Room77 York stSydney,NSW. 2000
Omar has been a coder since he can remember! BASIC, PASCAL, COBOL, JAVA, .NET and alien languages unknown to human kind. From being a Computer Science student to Microsoft’s .NET ambassador to .NET consultant and then Enterprise Architect at Datacom, Omar has enjoyed every step of the journey one line of code at a time. Omar has worked through ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, SharePoint, BizTalk, TFS and CRM projects and considers himself a Microsoft technologies veteran. He was also a speaker at TechEd events and various other MS events and user groups in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairo and Dubai. Omar enjoys working across multiple projects at once and his motto is “Power to the Developers”. He spends his day throwing more architectural tasks on fellow architect Paul Glavich instead of doing it himself. If you want to annoy him just say web applications are better than rich client ones.
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Note: If anyone wants to have a play with a Windows Phone 7 device i will have mine there, please feel free to grab it and have a play – Nick